Planning This Season

I’ve been thinking about next season (2014) for a while now, but only just got around to writing a post about it.

I’d like to preface this post by saying that I’m really excited about 2014. It’s only my second year of training, but I’m really eager to get training and see some good results. My ‘A’ priority races are really big events and fall into three-weekend period, which is really nice.

I used the Cyclist’s Training Bible by founder Joe Friel. Thus, there are ‘A’ races, which I base my entire season around, ‘B’ races, which are important and I might rest for, and ‘C’ races, which are used for training and aren’t very important.

A Races:

  1. Quad Cities Races (Burlington RR, Snake Alley Criterium, Melon City Criterium, Quad Cities Criterium), Memorial Day Weekend
  2. Glencoe Grand Prix, May 31st
  3. Tour of Galena, June 6-8

Quad Cities Races:

The Quad Cities Races are four races held on Memorial Day Weekend, one per day (Friday -> Monday).  They are located in the Rock Island, IL area, which is about a four hour drive.  These races are the most important races in my season because three out of the four races (each except Burlington RR) are part of the USAC Road Development Race Series (RDRS).  RDRS races are used by USAC officials to identify upcoming talent.  If I do well, I should get on USAC’s radar.  The RDRS is a national calendar, and having three races four hours away in one weekend is a fantastic opportunity for me.

I especially want to win the Quad Cities Cat 4/5 U23 race on Memorial Day.  I think it’s specially designed to identify talented riders who have gotten a late start into the sport.  Which describes me, right?

Glencoe Grand Prix:

The Glencoe Grand Prix is part of the USAC National Criterium Calendar (NCC).  Like the RDRS, it’s a series of races that USAC designates as ‘big.’  Because there are only 18 NCC races all year, the competition in each race is super stiff.  These are the ‘A’ races for Domestic Pro teams.

Tour of Galena Omnium:

This is a great race because it has a TT, Road Race, and Criterium.  It’s pretty much the only road race in my calendar, and the only one that has a significant amount of climbing.  It’s only an hour away and should be a great race.

B Races:

  1. Cobb Park Crit (April 21st)
  2. Monsters of the Midway (May 5th)
  3. Lake Bluff Criterium (Intelligentsia Cup, NCC)
  4. Wood Dale Criterium (ABR Illinois Criterium Championship)

C Races:

I may or may not race in these.  Most C races are on Saturdays, so I don’t have to miss church, and aren’t super important.  Most were chosen just because they are close and racing is fun.

  1. Hillsboro Roubaix (March 22nd – Cool race over dirt and bad roads)
  2. South Beloit Circuit Race (April 4th)
  3. Elgin Criterium (May 12th)
  4. Tour de Villas (June 29th)
  5. Homewood Criterium (July 6th – My 1st race ever.  Got dropped)
  6. Sharon Road Race (July 16th)

Subscribe to my blog – I’m going to continue writing about my upcoming season and how training is progressing.  See you on the road!



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