Running Goals: 2014

I’m going to run the Chicago Polar Dash Half-Marathon January 11th.  For sure.  I’m also considering running the Chicago Marathon October 12th, 2014.

Chicago Polar Dash (January 11th, 2014) – Goal: Sub-1:45

Sub 1:45 puts me at just below eight minutes per mile (8:00/mi) pace.  That’d be a good race.  When I ran a 10k for Strava’s Any Way 10k Challenge, I was able to run a consistent, sub-8:00 pace by tagging my Heart Rate at 180 bpm.  I felt like I could hold that intensity for a while.  I could have run sub-8:00 if I hadn’t run (no pun intended) into problems.

The biggest challenge will be weather and training consistently.  I’m on my school’s mock trial team, which practices about 2 hours per day.  Also, with all-honors course load, especially at my school, I struggle to find time to run and rest.  The weather on the day of the race will also be a factor.  I’m hoping for no wind.  Temps I can handle, but wind will make it really hard (although maybe with people around me, not so much.

Chicago Marathon (October 12th, 2014) – Goal: Sub-3:15

I don’t know for sure whether I’m going to run in the Chicago Marathon.  It’s an ideal race: big, well-run (I assume?), and a ‘home race’.

The biggest problem with running this would be training.  I like running in the winter b/c it’s kind of fun to be out in the snow and cold temps and it’s the only exercise I can get that doesn’t drive me crazy.  However, in the summer, when it’s 95 degrees and humid (and even if I run in the mornings, it’ll still be 75 and sticky), I really don’t like to run.  I might just bike and see how that works out.  Maybe I’ll do a 1/2 marathon TT Mayish and see how biking is helping my fitness vs. running only.

The reason I’d be able to train for this is that I don’t have any A-races at the end of the cycling season.  That frees me up for marathon-specific training.

Sub-3:15 seems ambitious to me, but I think I can get to it.  That’s sub-7:27 pace.

Thanks for checking in with me.  I’ll keep everyone updated with what I’m doing and planning and how everything is going.  If you want to receive e-mail alerts of new posts, subscribe via e-mail at the bottom of the page.  As always, the best way to stay up-to-date with my activities is through my Strava.


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