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Wow my power hasn’t improved in 2 years

Power Results from June 2014:

Power Stuff from March 2016:

Sprint –
1 min –
5 min –
20 min –

Actually, 20 min power has dropped 10 W.  5 minute power has dropped 10 W.  1 min power and sprint has stayed the same.

I’m really not that surprised.  Didn’t do any real/good training last summer (2015) and didn’t ride much 1st semester.  Gotta get back in it, boi.

Focusing on 5 min and 20 min power this year because that seems to lag behind my anaerobic stuff.



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Colnago C60

A while ago, I got the very special opportunity to shoot #2 of the special 60th edition Colnago C60.  Built up with full-on Campagnolo Super Record 11s mechanical (what else?) and Bora Ultra tubulars, it’s also specced with custom Colnago-branded bottle cages and full-carbon saddle.  When I put it into my car to drive to location to shoot, the value of my car doubled.  That was fun.

A lot of fun to shoot.  The light wasn’t perfect, but I love the setting, and I was happy to find the location.


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Steel is so, so real…

…heavy.  Just kidding, this comes in at about 26 pounds.

The frame and fork are a Sekai Grandtour 2500 from 1977.  I got the bike free and then overhauled it… Although the only real replacements I had to do was give it new tires.  A good clean and new grease was really the only other thing needed.

SS Conversion was ~ $25
Brooks B17 was $50

Love it.  Enjoy:


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Drumroll please… We’ve got a gorgeous bike in the house!

I borrowed one of my teammate/friend’s bike for some pics.  I think they look cool.  Another bike coming soon to a near you 🙂


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Upcoming This Week…

Last race I did Cat 4/5, the lowest category in the ChiCrossCup.

This Sunday, I’m racing 1/2/3s, the highest category in the ChiCrossCup.

Good luck, eh?

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Today, this happened:

Today I had a race.
Today I had my ass handed to me.
Today I learned that there’s no substitute for hard work. I can follow Charon Smith, read Dan Chabanov’s blog, and buy a Bear Dev Team shirt, but until I start really killing myself during workouts, I’m not going to be fast.
Today I learned that stuff doesn’t equal speed, it equals money that you don’t have any more. I can plan out which 900 dollar power meter I’m going to buy next February, look for carbon bars that will suit my exact ergo preferences, and read reviews upon reviews of the newest aero wheels, but it’s not going to put me into 1st place.

Here’s to getting smashed.  Here’s to smashing in the future.

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